Future Development

The app is launched, but our zest towards the cause and initiative doesn't end here. As a part of our continuous efforts to better and reach out to more people, we are planning a lot more ahead. Few of the planned development include;

  •  iOS version of App: We have launched this app on android platform and been getting some amazing reviews on it. But we also realise that a lot of wildlife enthusiasts are using iOS devices and we intend to seek their support too. So shortly we will be launching the iOS version of the app.


  • Regionalisation : The key point in the success of this initiative is to collect as much data as possible. Keeping that in mind, the plan is to include language options within the app, so that users who are not comfortable with English as the interface language or prefer to use local language will be able to choose their region language. We will also be seeking help from volunteers to develop the required language packs for the app.