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Instruction Set


↤ Type in your name here

↤ Type in your email, we may contact you on this just in case we have any more queries

↤ Please provide your contact number. Add your std code in case of a landline number

↤ One line description of the incident

↤ Please chose, whether the kill is of a wild animal or domestic animal

↤ Please choose the Taxon of the kill from drop down

↤ Please tell us the date on which you clicked this picture

↤ Please type in the species of the animal, if you can recognise it. If you can't, please leave this field blank

↤ Describe the location, where you clicked this picture. Please try and describe it as accurate as possible, so that we can mark it precisely on the map

↤ If possible, give us the GSP coordinate of the location. If you are not sure of it, leave this field blank

↤ You can upload max 3 pictures of the kill. Please upload pictures that are clear, shows the whole animal in the frame. If possible, upload one clear picture taken from top, so that the animal can be seen in top view.

↤ You can also add some text message here if you think there is something significantly important that you would like us to know. For e.g: If there is a continuous wall/chainlink fence on one side of the road, where you found this kill or if there is a huge garbage dump/dumping ground, where the animal might be scavenging..